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The Chosen is the greatest ever multi-season production about the life of Jesus and his followers.  Viewers see the life of Jesus through the eyes of those he chose to follow him.  The production is bringing people to Christ, renewing, and restoring lives, and strengthening the faith of God's people all around the world.  So many of us can't get enough Jesus.

The Chosen Bible Study is a character-based church wide spiritual growth emphasis that will connect you more deeply with Jesus.  We will take a look at Jesus through the eyes of men and women he chose and what it meant to be chosen by Jesus.  It changed their lives.  Join us as we learn what it is like to be chosen.

Here's the Plan:
Watch the weekly episode
Participate in weekly worship
Participate in a small group (i.e. Sunday School, Bible Study Group)
Using The Chosen Season 1 - An Interactive Bible Study book

Ways to Watch The Chosen Season 1 Episodes

There are lots of different ways you can participate in the weekly viewings of each episode in your own home, at the church, or with a small group.

Stream using
The Chosen App

The official new app gives you full access to Seasons 1-3 and exclusives like Biblical Roundtables, and more.
The app is also available for free on your Roku, Apple TV, or Amazon Fire streaming devices. Just search "The Chosen" within "Channels" (Roku) or "App Store" (Apple, Fire TV).

Stream using
Angel Studios 

The Angel app is the home of record-shattering stories that amplify light. In the Angel app users can watch full episodes and  cast to their television.
This app is available on Google Play or App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.  Download the app below for free.

Watch at Stuttgart FMC

Sign up now to watch the weekly episode in the Chapel.  Wednesday at 3pm.

Connect with a Small Group

Join with others to create a small group or join a previously established group.  Contact Tripp and Kimberly Morgan for more details.

The Chosen Prayer Calendar

We invite you to sign up for a 30 minute time slot to pray for Spiritual Renewal of ourselves, each other, our church, and our community.  

Pick your time slot and sign up.  You will be sent an email reminder of your time.  Take this time to pray.